At Island Routes, we are proud of the strong relationships we’ve built with our travel agent partners over the years. We love being able to develop close family-style relationships with travel agents to grow their business. Over the years, the #1 question we get asked from our travel agent partners is: “What tour should I recommend for my client?”

While we wish the answer was simple, the truth is, not all tours are suited to everyone so that question is ALWAYS answered with a series of other questions. To choose the right tour, you have to qualify your clients.

This is how you create a lasting and meaningful experience for your clients – this is what keeps them coming back to you for more!

Ask who. Ask why.

First things first..ask yourself; who are your clients? Why would they be interested in a particular experience? Why would it appeal to them? To put it simply, qualifying your clients means you focus on the “who” & the “why” to get to the “what” . At the end of the day, the best tour recommendation takes into account who your clients are and why that experience is important to them.

The Best Experiences Make You Feel

Guests are going out on tours because they value the experience above all else, so the best tour recommendations are about the feeling rather than the function (e.g. land or sea).

Qualifying your guests means getting to the heart of who they are, their personality and interests. Then you can recommend tours based on the answer to the question, why?

Why? Because my client is a romantic

Why? Because they are thrill seekers

Thrill Seeker Tours by Island Routes

Why? Because they are a foodie

Food Tours by Island Routes

Why? Because it’s all about an active adventure

ATV Tours by Island Routes

Why? Because they want to take it easy

Island Routes Catamaran

We find that these broad experiential categories are helpful when coming up with tour recommendations, especially for clients who aren’t sure what there is to do or don’t have a specific desire.

Tell us who and why and we will show you and your clients what the best things to do are in the Caribbean.

At Island Routes we are proud to work closely with travel partners from across the globe to provide our mutual clients with the most sought-after selection of authentic Caribbean experiences. Our experiences run the gamut; from relaxing to adrenaline rush and everything in between, you can trust our Live Funner family to show every single guest the time of their life with smiles on our faces and fun in our hearts. We bring the warmth of the islands in all that we do.

A huge thank you to our travel agent partners who are already registered to sell tours, shore-excursions & transfers through Island Routes; we are thrilled to have you be a part of the Live Funner Squad! It is only through your continued support that we remain the award-winning, industry innovators that you trust to provide your clients with exceptional destination experiences. If you aren’t already registered to earn 10% commission on over 500 experiences across the Caribbean (for both land-stay & cruise guests), we invite you to register today!

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