If you are travelling to Mexico on your next vacation, don’t get stuck indoors! Simply follow our guide to the Top 6 Things To Do In Mexico!

When traveling to Mexico we look forward to a few simple things: the authentic cuisine, sunny beaches, and (of course) tequila!! Mexico’s charm is undeniable and with rich, well-preserved traditions and warm people, it is a favorite vacation destination.

Bonus Tip: Mexico is one of the most affordable vacation destinations today.

#6 Cancun Reef Park VIP

Leap Into Action!

Set sail to Isla Mujeres aboard a ferry and arrive ready to explore the island’s natural beauty. This tour is the ideal combination of relaxation and adventure. Here you can enjoy all the park’s activities such as kayaking, zip-lining over the Caribbean Sea, and snorkeling one of the most famous coral reefs in the world.  Amenities at this awesome locale include hammocks, a pool, showers, and lockers. You can even take a cool bike tour or visit the town center on a guided shopping tour!  Enjoy access to the VIP area which includes restaurants with a lounge and an infinity pool! Have a drink from the international open bar while tasting the best dishes from the international buffet including shrimp, salmon, sushi and other delights.

Cancun Reef Park Mexico

#5 Cancun Dolphin Royal Swim VIP

Luxury is Included!

Set sail to Isla Mujeres via ferry and swim with majestic dolphins. Being up close with these fun-loving creatures is the icing on any tropical vacation. Experience the famous Foot Push, where two dolphins will propel you from the soles of their feet out of the water! Feel the rush when the dolphins pull you using their dorsal fins with great force through the water. Then to thank you for spending the day with them, you receive kisses, shake “hands”, and get to feel the warmth of the dolphins. At the end you can relax in the VIP lounge, which features two gourmet restaurants, a private pool, and refreshing international beverages

Dolphin Royal Swim Mexico


#4 Snorkel Punta Nizuc

Under The Sea!

How about a fantastic snorkeling trip at a local reef known as Punta Nizuc, located at the southern tip of Cancun. Explore the beautiful natural reef as well as some of the statues that make up the Cancun Underwater Museum! This famous museum consists of 16 life sized sculptures made from marine cement designed to promote the growth of coral. The tour begins with a boat ride to Punta Nizuc where you snorkel from floating platforms. Experienced guides will take you on a circuit of the area and then you can relax on the platform with a cold beer, soda or water. Feel free to go out as many times as you like and really enjoy the excursion. The tour includes shuttles that are available every hour to take you back to dock.

Snorkel Tour Mexico

#3 Cancun Underwater Scooter

Keep It Moving!

This motorized exploration is as unique as it gets. This excursion lets you experience an exciting underwater journey like no other. You will hop on your underwater scooter that comes complete with an observation bubble that is easy to operate and provides a constant flow of air. The crew will provide all the instruction you need during the 30 minute boat ride to Chitales reef. Once in the water you will sit comfortably on the underwater scooter, insert your head into the helmet and breathe normally. And you are off! Navigate around the reef followed by your guides. It’s an amazing chance to get up close with brilliantly hued fish, gorgeous coral reefs and other exotic marine life. Afterwards you will also have time for some snorkeling fun!

Cancun Underwater Scooter


#2 Cancun Underwater Museum Snorkel Tour

More Than Meets The Eye!

Snorkel through the famous Cancun Underwater Museum where you can see some of the 450 life sized underwater sculptures that form this special man-made sustainable reef. Then vsit one of two MUSA sites located around Cancun.The statues are made of marine clay, a material that encourages the growth of algae and coral. This helps to create a breeding ground for fish and other marine life. Some sculptures were molded to depict locals such as fishermen or school children. Weather and time permitting you’ll be taken to another snorkel zone which is known for its abundance of marine life. See how the marine life interacts with these statues in this special snorkeling experience.  This is also a great photo opportunity, so ensure to pack your waterproof cameras.

Cancun Underwater Museum Snorkel Tour

#1 Cancun Deep Sea Sport  Fishing

Be A Good Sport!

With such a lush and diverse marine population, the fishing is irresistible! Try out the Deep Sea Sport Fishing off the coast of Cancun on this early morning trip! Known for its abundance of fish, you’ll find everything from the smaller species to the large trophy fish! The crew will help you catch fish for live bait and you set up for the rest of the day. Upon arrival to the fishing site the crew will assist with setting up the lines and be on hand to guide you. As if this trip wasn’t exclusive enough, you’ll also have the opportunity to work with the only fish research center in Cancun and tag your fish before releasing them back into the ocean. So enjoy Cancun while the sun is shining and the fish are biting!

Deep Sea Fishing Mexico


Now that we have handed you the top six things to do in Mexico, plan ahead, pack the essentials and enjoy your trip!


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