The Caribbean is often admired for its warm weather, white sands and the amazing blue waters that surround the region. Without a doubt the romantic tropics is the best place to be in the season of love. But what do you do when you’ve already experienced the wonders of the beach and want to do something unique and special for your partner for Valentine’s Day? Here are a few options you can explore that will take you beyond an ordinary vacation and give you the chance to make memories that go beyond the experience and will extend to a lifetime!


romantic caribbean sunset catamaran cruises

If you have never been on a Catamaran before or you have been and are looking to have another rendezvous, this is the perfect time for you and your partner to not only enjoy an amazing cruise but to enjoy the beautiful waves of the Caribbean Sea while listening to amorous music and watching the golden rays fall behind the evening horizon. Island Routes has a number of Cruises across the Caribbean that are just perfect for this Valentine’s. There are a number of Lover’s Rock and Sunset Cruises in Jamaica, Antigua and Barbuda, Turks and Caicos, Bahamas, St. Maarten and Grenada that carry the Romantic Valentine’s Vibe perfectly!

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romantic Bamboo rafting on the martha brae river in jamaica

There is nothing better than a serene private rafting experience to set you apart during the Valentine Festivities. In this experience, it is you against nature as you listen to the calming ripples of the river, the birds chirping in passing and feel the cool air trailing along your skin as the sun gently peers beyond the trees. Valentine never looked so good!


romantic Island getaway in Exuma

No better way to spend Valentine except with your partner on a secluded island where you are provided with a specially packed picnic basket and a top of the line bottle of wine. While there you have access to beach chairs and umbrellas to enjoy more than just the ordinary beach experience. All just a boat ride away from the island of Exuma.


romantic caribbean Sunset Horseback ride

There are many ways to experience the clear waters of the Caribbean and Horseback Riding through the Sea is just one of them! You get to enjoy a secluded beach area and view the coast of the Caribbean in a unique way. With some of the most well trained horses and the beautiful landscape of the Caribbean, you are sure to have a memorable Valentine!


Romantic evening cruise in nassau

Talk about a Catamaran experience that is just about you, your partner and the sunset! Enjoy a relaxing evening tour of the Nassau Harbor as you sip the beverage of your choice, beer, wine or champagne! You can set your own scene by choosing your own music. This is definitely the one of a kind experience that can make your 2020 Valentine extra special!

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Island Routes Caribbean Adventures was founded in 2009 to feature the very best, off-the-beaten-path voyages to travelers and adventure seekers far and wide.  Operating in 12 countries – Antigua; Aruba; the Bahamas; Barbados; the Cayman Islands; Dominican Republic; Grenada; Jamaica; Mexico; Saint Lucia; St. Maarten and the Turks & Caicos, this award-winning lifestyle management company includes a dedicated team of islanders, sea-mates, adventure-seekers and experiential-masters who spotlight the best-of-the-best expeditions and destinations for everyone. The team at Island Routes believes in fostering positive change to the Caribbean business landscape, upholding the company’s vision to nurture the region with the development of sustainability programs and both land and sea preservation efforts. For more information, visit

Just a bite of what you could experience on your romantic Caribbean Valentine Getaway!

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