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There’s nothing quite like hitting the open road and taking in the sights and sounds from the driver’s seat. With diverse terrain and a lot of ground to cover, zipping from one place to the next is the perfect way to maximize your time on island and take in all the best local hot spots and sightseeing. Pack your driver’s license and buckle up; here are 8 motorized tours that will have you hitting the ground rolling on your next Caribbean adventure.

Max out your fun in Jamaica on a MINI-Routes adventure

Jump in a MINI & max out your Jamaican experience

Want to experience Jamaica like the locals do? Then grab your travel buddy, get behind the wheel of a MINI-Cooper and follow the trail of an expert guide on the ultimate Jamaican road-trip. Follow the caravan of island-inspired MINIs along the scenic coast and make pit stops along the way soaking in Jamaica’s history, culture, cuisine and the island’s natural beauty. 

Soufriere Safari in St. Lucia

Soufriere Safari buggy tour in St. Lucia

Take the wheel of an all-terrain buggy and explore the stunning beauty of St. Lucia’s West Coast. Motor through winding roads, dense forests and lush vegetation to the legendary town of Soufriere, where the island’s rich history comes alive. Experience the world’s only drive-in volcano surrounded by bubbling sulfur springs. Then, make your way to a picturesque waterfall and plunge in for a rejuvenating swim. Feast on mouth-watering local delicacies at a hilltop restaurant granting a magnificent view of the majestic Pitons – a St. Lucian icon!

Hop in an open-back jeep to explore Antigua on the Island Safari Outback

Antigua Island Safari Outback

Beyond beauty, Antigua is rich in history and culture and there’s no better way to experience it all than aboard an all-terrain 4×4. Ride along the countryside’s dirt roads to explore the island’s most renowned sites, like Betty’s Hope sugar plantation where you’ll enjoy an authentic Caribbean picnic. Then, end your journey with a relaxing swim in the magnificent azure ocean.

Get off the beach and onto an ATV to see the best of Exuma

Exuma ATV Safari

Take a ride on the wild side on this exhilarating island safari. Climb aboard your very own ATV and experience the untouched beauty of Exuma as you journey through rugged dirt trails and the natural wonders of the island’s bushland. Follow your guide as you make your way along seldom-travelled roads to reach one of the purest white-sand beaches.

Get down & dirty on the Wet n’Wild Dune Buggy tour in Jamaica

Wet n Wild Dune Buggy in Jamaica

Mud-lovers unite! Get behind the wheel of a powerful two-seater Dune Buggy and hang on tight! Motor your way through Jamaica’s untouched wilderness stopping along the way to take in the beauty of a 980-acre plantation and stunning views of the Caribbean sea from 1100 feet above. If you’re looking for an extra thrill, these dune buggies can power through the mud at high speeds. This is a day of adventure you’ll never forget. Fair warning though, you may need to bring a change of clothes!

Road-trip! Jeep Safari in Aruba

Drive a Jeep across Aruba

Imagine taking 3 of your best friends in a four-wheel drive jeep to explore the stunning island of Aruba! Safe to say that’s an awesome way to see the sights. It’s an exciting, bumpy ride and at the end of the day you will have seen iconic sights, natural wonders and maybe some hidden treasure! Top off the day with a relaxing swim or snorkel at Baby Beach.

See St. Lucia up close on an eco-friendly Segway adventure

Mt. Pimard Segway Adventure in St. Lucia

Ok, so it’s not the most conventional way to explore the island but it definitely gets you up close and personal with the picturesque island setting. Hop on board an off-road Segway and make your way up a scenic trail to the top of Mt. Pimard, located in the heart of the once famed pirate haven of Rodney Bay. Stop for a taste of local fruit, dip your toes in a charming fish pond nestled on the mountainside and render yourself speechless as you gaze upon the panoramic views at Belle View Point.

Want to see the best of Nassau?

Nassau Island Buggy Adventure

Vroom vroom! Explore the island’s incredible beauty on a thrilling off-road adventure aboard an all-terrain buggy. First stop is Fort Charlotte, where you’ll explore the historic castle and grounds, then journey to The Caves, an impressive series of ancient limestone caverns. Stop at the popular Aquafire restaurant for a delicious snack and refreshments, before heading to Clifton Heritage Park, Nassau’s largest historic ecological park. Your day of excitement concludes with a ride back to pristine Cable Beach to enjoy a relaxing finale!

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No matter what you choose you’ll have an awesome time zipping around the Caribbean! What are you looking forward to doing? Tell us in the comments below!






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