Want a guide to getting down and dirty? Here are 8 wild things to do in St. Lucia!

Let’s get to the point, when we vacation in a Caribbean island we want to experience the top attractions that island has to offer, we know you do too. So, without further ado here’s our list of the 8 wildest things to do in St. Lucia.

(For suspense purposes, we will start at number 8)



Now, I know a night out doesn’t sound rugged, but it can go from zero to wild really quick. So, join the liveliest guides in St. Lucia for a grand night out! You’ll experience the best local ‘vibes’ the island has to offer. This barhopping experience will take you to four unique party locations, guests are accompanied by their own personal party maker, bartender and marshal to keep you partying at each stop. An all-inclusive roster of drinks follows you around to each location, with premium and specialty drinks available for sale at the bars. Your stops include: Boardwalk Bar, Irie Bar, Village Gate Bar and various spots on the famous ‘strip’ in Rodney Bay. Get ready for an exhilarating night!

Lucian Bar Hop Experience St. Lucia



It’s all in the name. Hop aboard our luxurious catamaran and enjoy a light breakfast as you sail along the West coast of the island to Soufriere. Sail past the quaint fishing villages of Anse La Raye and Canaries as we head to the majestic Pitons. Once in Soufriere, you’ll stroll through lush botanical gardens and see how local cocoa and sugar syrup is made. Then enjoy a local creole lunch before heading to Sulfur Springs, where you can tour a walk-in volcano or enjoy a mineral rich mud bath and take a dip at Toraille waterfall. The journey concludes aboard the catamaran with a snorkeling stop over a protected reef and incredible photo ops at Marigot Bay.

Soufriere Adventure Cruise St. Lucia


Not something you see every day! Experience the magical splendor of our unique Dolphin and Whale Watching Experience. Travel two miles out to the 3,000 foot deep ledge and follow this route down the west coast to Soufriere where the most spectacular sightings have occurred. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. On the trek back, you’ll motor to the breathtaking Marigot Bay for a photo op before returning to the cove.

Dolphin and Whale Watching Experience St. Lucia




It might not be dirty, but it sure is low! The thrill of scuba with the ease of snorkeling while you SNUBA in St. Lucia. Now you can enjoy underwater exploration without the heavy equipment. Swim as deep as 20 feet in the seas “life-zone” for an up-close look at the diverse and colorful sea life in Saint Lucia’s crystal clear waters.

SNUBA St. Lucia



Learn all about our ‘dirty’ little secret on this sweet, sticky, guilty adventure. This decadent journey is a chocolate lover’s dream.  Begin aboard a luxurious catamaran cruise to Soufriere to visit the renowned Hotel Chocolate.  This bean to bar experience begins with some history on the production of cocoa and concludes with you making your own bar of chocolate, using estate grown cocoa. Then savor a gourmet lunch at Boucan, where every item on the menu (sweet and savory) incorporates cocoa. End the day with a dip in therapeutic mud baths and a catamaran sail back up the coast for some swimming and snorkeling along the Pitons. Experience the amazing Saint Lucian sunset and dance your way back to the dock. Our fun crew may even teach you a few dance moves. This tour is delicious, from beginning to end. 

Chocolate Decadence St. Lucia


Our trained guides take you on the rideeee of your life! The zip line ride is a system of integrated cables and rigging designed for maximum thrill! The course consists of 12 zip lines including the island’s longest, fastest and highest! Our lines extend up to 800 feet between platforms and reach heights up to 150 feet above the forest floor. Between zips there is plenty of time to take in the unique panoramic views and observe the magnificent flora and fauna indigenous to the forest. After the ride, relax and enjoy complimentary local refreshments while surrounded by the beauty and serenity of nature.

Tree top zip trip St. Lucia



It’s time to get hot and steamy! Imagine visiting the eighth wonder of the world an actual active volcano that you can drive right into. During this St. Lucia volcano tour, you’ll travel through the quaint fishing villages of Anse La Raye and Canaries on to the banana plantations. You’ll arrive in Soufrière (the old capital of Saint Lucia) and visit the world famous Sulphur Springs “drive-in- volcano.” On the way back, you’ll proceed to the lookout spot for a photo op of the picturesque Marigot Bay. This St. Lucia drive-through volcano experience is the hottest tour in town!

Volcano Highlight St. Lucia




And now for the grand finale!



Things are about to get wet, wild and a real dirty on this cross-terrain expedition! Cruise down the West Coast to the town of Soufriere, where you’ll hop aboard a dune buggy and start your journey. Pass Saint Lucia’s famous Pitons, explore a pristine beach and stop for a delicious lunch at a local plantation estate. Then, it’s time to get dirty…race over to the world’s only drive-in volcano to take a dip in warm mineral mud baths. After a muddy bath, it’s onward down dirt roads and winding paths to the beautiful Toraille waterfall for a refreshing swim. Once back on the catamaran, you’ll cruise between the Pitons and snorkel over protected reefs before sailing off into the sunset.

Wet and Wild Experience St. Lucia

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