This year is a big birthday for us!  Island Routes is celebrating 10 years of showcasing our Caribbean home to the world. From humble beginnings to becoming the Caribbean’s Leading Adventure Tour Operator, our values of commitment, quality, delivering handpicked experiences and showcasing the Caribbean define who we are. So, in honor of our 10th birthday, join us as we countdown the 10 reasons to celebrate…

Reason #1. Our Team

Our team is a melting pot of proud Caribbean nationals seasoned with a dash of personality, a hint of adventure and a heaping spoonful of passion! We are a team of experienced island experts connecting you to the soul of the Caribbean.

Reason #2. Our Partners

From our certified partners’ in-destination to our travel partners around the world, we are proud of the company we keep! The strength of our relationships has bolstered our success over the last 10 years.

Reason #3. Our Destinations

To say that the Caribbean is special would only be scratching the surface. This region is more than sea, sun & sand. Each island has its own unique flavor that is steeped in history, pulsates with rich culture, is blessed with natural beauty and is home to warm smiles & open arms. At Island Routes, we want to share our home with the world!

Reason #4. Our Tours

There are tours and then there are award-winning, safety inspected and fun approved Island Routes tours! So we only certify the best experiences in each destination to become part of our portfolio.

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Reason #5. Our Live Funner Vibe

Corporate culture is such a boring phrase. At Island Routes we live what we preach, “Live Funner” is more than a marketing slogan, it’s our way of life and a commitment to sharing the joy that these islands bring with each other and with the world.

Reason #6. Our Authenticity

We are born & bred in the Caribbean – fueled by passion & proud of our island homes! So naturally we want to share what makes our island home special with everyone who visits us.

Reason #7. Our Growth

Can’t stop, won’t stop! Island Routes is dynamic and innovative, we keep increasing our offerings, moving into new destinations and strengthening our partnerships.

Reason #8.  Our Community Involvement

At Island Routes we partner with charitable entities to make positive strides within our local community by stimulating economic activity and encouraging sustainable tourism development through our Island Impact program.

Reason #9. Our Environmental Impact

Through meaningful initiatives such as local beach cleanups, educational trips to marine sanctuaries, interactive ‘hatch and release’ sea turtle experiences, and more, Island Routes is all about living sustainably with the environment.

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Reason #10. Our Guests

We are awesome because of you! We’re all about giving you the experience of a lifetime in our Caribbean home. Every day we strive to ensure that when you leave, you take home memories that will last a lifetime.

Here’s to 10 more years of showcasing the real Caribbean with the world!

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