To say that Jamaica is beautiful is something of an understatement, those beautiful beaches, lush scenery and vibrant people. Oh and let’s not forget the perpetual summer sunshine. So, you’ve booked your flights, packed your bags (or not, if you’re anything like me 😆) and you’re heading to sunny Jamaica! There are many funner things to do and you’ll most definitely be spoilt for choice (like seriously, too much choice). So where do you even start?

The Caribbean Sea, of course!

With that being said, it was only right that I hopped aboard the double decker Calipsoul Catamaran, a custom 65-ft vessel in Ocho Rios Jamaica for the Dunn’s River Catamaran Cruise. Double decker?? Yes that’s right, you’ll take in some of the best panoramic views in the Caribbean. But the fun hasn’t even started yet, so let’s jump straight in . . .

#1  Dunns River Falls

Dunns River Falls is one of the most sought after sights to see in Jamaica. And rightfully so, when you join hands with the group and climb your way up the rocky slopes of this 600 foot waterfall, you’ll find out why Dunns River Fall is a must see! 😍 Whatever you do, don’t forget to take lots and lots of photos, this is one on the most instagram-worthy spots! #LiveFunner


#2 Snorkeling

My favorite part of the day had to be snorkeling (trust me, you’ll ❤ it). The Live Funner crew took us to the best snorkeling spot for a perfect view of some underwater scenery. Snorkeling equipment ready, safety demonstration complete by the experts and GoPro in hand, it was time to slide down the waterslide 💦 and explore the vibrant colors of the coral reef that will have you in awe.

#3 Party Time!

It got wet and here’s where it got wild! If you want to party, please be prepared because Jamaica’s liveliest crew know how to bring the vibes! There’s no doubt that they know how to turn up, the DJ plays some of the best hits and trust me this party on the high seas really gets started when the tropical rum shots start flowing. And believe it or not, it gets better! As I made my way to the bar for the upmteenth signature cocktail 🙈 Michelle, the live funner host got me on the dance floor to teach me some of those wild Caribbean moves!

Psst…. Don’t forget to make the most of the all inclusive bar, the signature cocktail was my fave! And the Island Routes tropical rum shots are exactly what I imagine a Caribbean vacation should taste like. 😊

Oh, and let’s not forget the unlimited snacks!😋

This Jamaican Catamaran cruise definitely lives up to the hype and by the time we were done, I’d happily have done it all over again, in a heartbeat! And if you’re visiting with your family,  Island routes offer a Dunn’s River Family Cruise packed with entertainment for all ages. Oh and if you love a sunset, I mean who doesn’t? You’ll love the Island Routes Lover’s Rock Catamaran Cruise!


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