Bored? Ok, let’s play a game… all you need to do is to find the hidden “IR” logo in each image. Don’t worry, the Island Routes team is all about taking it easy. We believe in you, you got this!

Let’s start off slow with this picture of our friend Janet ziplining in St. Lucia. We hid the logo somewhere in this picture. Can you find it?

Ok, ok.. that was easy… how about this picture of “Soul Rebel” our catamaran based in Jamaica’s South Coast – you know, the one that heads to Floyd’s Pelican Bar. Never heard of it? Well, it’s a bar in the middle of the ocean made of driftwood that a guy named Floyd built as an escape from his wife – aka: a ‘man cave’, island style!

So it’s all been leading up to this, the hardest of the lot. Can you find the “IR” logo on this picture taken during our MINI-Routes Portland adventure? Where’s Portland you say… it’s the rustic, diamond-in-the-rough side of Jamaica that you’ve probably never heard of but it’s definitely worth the trip (and yes, we can take you there!)!

Did you get all three? Let us know in the comments below and check out more of our Boredom Busters like our adventure-inspired coloring pages.

Navigate along your #RouteBackToParadise with the crew here at Island Routes. We will be posting content on our social media and this blog daily to help you beat boredom and island hop with us instead!

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