A Caribbean vacation isn’t complete without visiting the island’s most magnificent gems. Waterfalls in the Caribbean are typically found nestled in the hills and surrounded by lush greenery filled with exotic fauna. The crystal clear and refreshing rapids are awe-inspiring. With all the beauty in the islands it’s difficult to know which attraction to see first, but no worries, we have narrowed it down for you. Check out the 8 must-see Caribbean waterfalls.

Jamaica, YS Falls

Found deep in the heart of Jamaica’s South Coast, YS Falls is a place of unique beauty and a must-see whilst on the island.  With seven waterfalls and a series of naturally formed freshwater pools, it’s a natural wonder hidden in the southern parish of St. Elizabeth. 

YS Falls, Jamaica

Make sure you climb the nature trails to the top of the falls, grab a rope swing and jump in! Swim in its natural pools. They also have the opportunity to zip-line through the rain-forest canopy from the top of the falls to its base below.

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Haiti, Bassin Bleu

Located just outside of the southern city of Jacmel, the waterfalls can be accessed by a 4×4 off-road vehicle or with the help of a local moto-taxi driver. After crossing a small river and heading up a steep mountain you’ll find some local guides who will guide you on a short hike through the rain-forest to the cobalt-blue pools of the falls.

Bassin Bleu
Bassin Bleu, Haiti (via Haiti-Travel.com)

Make sure you explore the caves surrounding the falls

Book through a local resort or trusted tour company

Saint Lucia, Errard Falls

If you’re looking for an adventure that’s off the beaten path and you’re up for a bit of a trek, this one’s for you!  After a bike ride through the forest it’s time to talk a walk through the jungle, across river (and over a few rocks!) to reach the foot of this incredible waterfall! It’s a beautiful clear pool surrounded by deep rain-forest. 

Errard Waterfall

Make sure you observe the incredible biodiversity of the area, like the super cool land crabs that you’ll find hiding under the rocks

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Jamaica, Dunn’s River Falls

Probably one of the most famous in the Caribbean, these magnificent falls are 60 feet high and empty directly into the sea!  A series of pools and rocks that have become smooth from the pressure of the falls, make it a perfect natural playground!

Dunn's River Falls
Dunn’s River Falls

Make sure you visit the beach and test out the natural slides!

Book a catamaran cruise that heads directly to the falls. Disembark on the beach at the bottom of the falls and then climb to the top!

Grenada, Concord Falls

If you like to hike, this is the one for you; a series of three waterfalls located on the edge of a reserve on the western side of the island, the water is crystal clear and ice cold! 

Concord Waterfalls, Grenada
Concord Waterfalls, Grenada

Make sure you take a camera!

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Dominica, Wavine Cyrique Waterfall

Not for the faint heart but absolutely worth it! The only way to reach Wavine Cyrique is to scale down (yes down!) the side of a cliff using ropes and ladders. But once at the bottom you will have the most magnificent view of the waterfall cascading from the cliff directly into the Atlantic ocean. It’s an incredible site. 

Make sure you take advice from the locals on the best way to scale the cliff safely!

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Barbados, Harrisons Cave

Forget the beaches, discover the hidden waterfalls beneath the surface of this Caribbean paradise in a massive stream cave system that is at least 2.3 kilometres long! Visit Harrison’s Cave Barbados to see the stalactites, stalagmites, glass-like pools and hidden waterfalls!

Harrisons Cave Barbados
Harrisons Cave, Barbados

Make sure you carry water and a camera with flash!

Book the Caves and Critters tour to visit the caves and the Nature Reserve

Puerto Rico, La Mina

In the east of the island, hidden in the El Yunque National Forest is La Mina, a 35 foot waterfall with a natural pool that you can relax in. You can access the falls by one of two scenic trails, either way it’s about a 30 minute hike to and from the falls! 

Make sure you pack water shoes as it can get a bit slippery

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