Travelling to the Caribbean and want to make it memorable? Here are 7 amazing things to do while in the Bahamas.

See What You Wanna Do Is..

Is to put yourself out there! It’s the most important thing to do when visiting the Bahamas. They say when in Rome right? So take it from us locals, get out of your hotel, explore the real island, interact with its people and experience the culture. We love the idea of a well-rounded vacation; the Bahamas has so much to offer and we don’t want you to miss a thing.

So remember when visiting the Caribbean: Flora.  Fauna.  History and Culture.  This is what our islands are famous for and with good reason!


#1 Pink Sand Beach of the Bahamas

The Bahamas is home to incredible pink (yes, I said pink) sand beaches. Locations such as Harbor Island are home to three plus miles of pink sandy beach delicately washed by the famous “Windex waters” of the Bahamas.

According to BudgetTravel, the light pink sand “gets its hue from thousands of broken coral pieces, shells, and calcium carbonate materials left behind by foraminifera (tiny marine creatures with red and pink shells) that live in the coral reefs that surround the beach. The beach has been voted one of the top 10 in the world by the Travel Channel. There’s nothing like it, so ensure to make time for basking in this world wonder.


Pink Sand Beach
Pink Sand Beach


#2 Swimming With The Pigs

We wouldn’t be known as the “Slayer of Bucket Lists” if we didn’t take you to learn to swim… from the famous Exuma swimming pigs of course!  Take a trip to our favorite swimming pigs at the White Bay Cay. Spend a day feeding the most talented pigs on the planet, learn about their habitat and let the locals tell you how to care for these Bahamian treasures.

Tour: Exuma Swimming Pigs Adventure

Exuma Swimming pigs
Exuma Swimming pigs


Bonus tip: No trip to the Exuma is complete without a stop to see and feed the endangered Bahamian Rock Iguana at an island that the Lucayan  (original natives of the Bahamas) once called home. This stop is included on our Swimming Pigs Adventure tour.

Iguana Island
Exuma Swimming Pigs Adventure


#3 Under The Sea! 

The Bahamas is known for its remarkable marine diversity. Remember to dive in and become one with Mother Nature! Due to the island’s strict marine regulations the marine life has been left to thrive, creating lush populations of both prey and predator fish. These waters are home to thousands of colorful reef fish, stingrays, turtles, dolphins and more. You must be wondering how we could possibly make this experience better; we took it a step further.

Tour: Nassau Sub Adventure

The SUB is comparable to an underwater motorbike with a big bubble filled with a constant flow of air. A SUB adventure combines the best of snorkeling and scuba diving all in one eco-friendly, thrilling and memorable tour.

Sub Adventures
Sub Adventures In the Bahamas


#4 Step Back In Time

Want to take a deeper look into the Bahamas? Exploring the island is just half the fun. Immerse yourself in the island’s culture and get to know its people to really appreciate her charm.

Start from the beginning on our Exuma Historical tour. Your adventure starts with a visit to the Pompey Monument and prison, followed by a drive through several of the island’s historic settlements. Stop at William’s Town where you can see one of the old salt beacons still standing tall atop a cliff. While there, you’ll witness a view like no other! The next stop is Santana’s, where you will enjoy an authentic Bahamian lunch, made famous by the cast and crew of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Tour: Exuma Historical Tour 

Exuma Historical Tour
Exuma Historical Tour


#5 Ahh.. Shark!

In the true spirit of Caribbean fearlessness a vacation without doing something daring isn’t a vacation at all! How about swimming with real sharks!.. too much? Not for our travelers I bet.  Your first dive takes place in a non-feeding environment. The sharks will follow you throughout the dive, because when they see you they know that the dinner bell will ring soon. This keeps the sharks curious and it will create a very natural experience for you. The second dive takes place in a large sand patch where you will kneel down in a semi-circle as the Dive master feeds the shark off of a long pole. As many as forty 5 to 6 foot Caribbean Reef Sharks will swim among you.

Tour: Two Tank Shark Dive

Bonus tip: Sharks may be very fascinating creatures, but it’s HIGHLY recommended that you do not touch!

Two Tank Shark Dive
Two Tank Shark Dive

#6 Explore Off-Road

How about something less scary but equally thrilling? Combine awe inspiring sightseeing, delectable treats and voila! A perfect day for foodies who want to keep dry. Go off-road through the Island’s interior with a skilled guide, stop at Fort Charlotte, where you’ll be able to step out and explore the historic castle grounds. Then it’s off to The Caves, a series of large limestone caverns sculpted centuries ago by the power of the waves. Afterwards, it’s time for lunch at the popular Aquafire restaurant for a snack and refreshments. It’s another quick commute to our final stop. Clifton Heritage National Park is the Bahamas’s largest historic and ecological park. Here you’ll be able to enjoy a brief swim in the beach after riding through the dirt trails. Then back in the buggy for the final ride back to base!

Tour: Island Buggy Adventure Nassau


Island Buggy Adventure Nassau
Island Buggy Adventure Nassau

Note: This is just a small preview of the exotic cuisine the Bahamas has to offer. To see more on where and what to eat check out our foodies in the Caribbean blog post.


#7 Smooth Sailing On Your Vacation 

Take a cruise through Paradise Island Harbor, where you can bask in the spellbinding views of Nassau’s coastline. See the stunning azure ocean and views of the remarkable Atlantis Resort as the evening starts to draw in.  Grab a drink and engage your palate with our delicious BBQ style menu. This is the perfect opportunity to take in a beautiful Bahamian evening at sea with your group or that special someone. If this sounds like your kind of evening this is for you.

Tour: Nassau Harbor Evening Cruise

Nassau Harbor Evening Cruise
Nassau Harbor Evening Cruise



I hope you found this article on 7 amazing things to do when travelling to the Bahamas useful and very influential for your next vacation.

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