If you have traveled to the Caribbean or know someone who has you may have an idea of what you are in for. Now, getting that “too excited to sleep” feeling  usually means we a. over-pack or b. forget to pack the essentials. Well, have no fear Island Routes is here to calm those pre-vacation jitters and get you on the right track with our list of top 10 things you must pack on your Caribbean Trip.


#1 Pack Sunscreen

If you have already carefully chosen your vacation Island, you have seen those photos of people basking in the year round tropical warmth. Now, this isn’t just an advertising tactic. The sun is almost always shining in the Caribbean and we emphasize the need for some good old sunscreen. We recommend keeping your sunscreen (SPF 40+ preferred) on hand for the sometimes unforgiving tropical sun. We understand that a slight tan is a must for proof of vacation, but sunburn is the souvenir you want to leave behind! Find one suitable for you and your travel partner in advance. If you are travelling with little ones, ensure to get a children’s’ sunscreen for their sensitive skin and one that is waterproof so you won’t have to stop the fun to reapply. Pack this and consider yourself protected and ready to go!


#2 Pack Swimwear and Swim-Gear

The magical water in those adverts is already pulling you in. When you arrive at your resort, the beach will greet you and it’s hard to say no. You may not have the time or energy for shopping just yet, so ensure to pack swimwear and swim gear for yourself and the kids. Our islands are surrounded by the warm, salty Caribbean Sea and though the water isn’t harmful, packing goggles for swimming is necessary if you have sensitive eyes. Flotation vests and toys are also welcome for the children. 

Pack for Turks and Caicos

#3 Pack Hats, Visors and Glasses

Protection is key…to enjoying your tropical getaway! Protecting your skin and eyes from the sun is imperative for a beach day, an excursion or a day of shopping. So grab that big floppy hat you’ve been waiting to wear all year, dust it off and ensure to have it on hand as you soak up the sun. Also, vacation is really a time to let loose, so in case you plan to have too great of a time, pack an extra pair of sunglasses in the event something happens to the first.

Pack a hat

#4 Pack Prescription Medication

Don’t let health problems stand in the way of a fun vacation. We always recommend that you consult your doctor to find out if you’re clear to travel. Be sure to pack your doctors emergency contact information as well as any prescription medication you or anyone in your party may need. Resorts do have nurses on staff as well as emergency procedures. Inform your concierge of any special requirements you may have to make your stay comfortable.

#5 Pack Comfortable shoes

There is so much to see on a tropical island and if you are as adventurous as us you’ll be doing quite a bit of walking. We recommend you take comfortable shoes with you to help you keep up with your vacation. If you are planning excursions that include hiking, Motorsports (ATV, dune buggy) or to use the resort gym you must pack closed toe sport shoes like sneakers. We recommend that you also pack water shoes especially if you intend on climbing one of the majestic Caribbean waterfalls. While on resort light sandals are very convenient and transition easily from casual lunches to long walks on the beach.

pack sandals


#6 Pack Light Clothing

The tropical climate can be a bit unforgiving during the summer months but it is a pleasurable experience. To beat the heat, we recommend packing very light breathable clothing to wear. No sweaters required. So here’s your chance to wear your breezy sundresses and colorful beach wraps.

Beach Wrap

#7 Pack Evening Wear

Most resorts feature charming top class specialty restaurants that you will want to dress up for. Pack cool evening wear for the night you choose to dine in style.

Evening wear

#8 Pack Some Cash

A day out for shopping or enjoying local cuisine is a great way to explore the island culture and interact with the locals, but the use of credit cards isn’t as common as we would like. Finding an ATM may also be a bit of a hassle. We recommend  keeping a modest amount of cash with you for picking up that unique trinket or tipping that informative tour guide/chauffeur or courteous waiter.  Even though it is a very generous gesture, remember that tipping isn’t a necessity.

#9 Room in your suitcase

A Caribbean vacation is not complete without a few trinkets to remember us by. Take home a piece of the islands for your family and friends. Gift shops are usually available on your resort or take a trip to local a craft village to see how the crafts are made. You may even be able to get a craft piece customized for you. So ensure to leave room in your suitcase for the fruits of your retail therapy!


#10 Pack Your Sense of Adventure

Don’t be shy when it comes to exploring the island you choose to visit. Speak to the people, visit places off the beaten path, taste the local cuisine learn about the history and take lots of awe inspiring photos. Ensure to bring your sense of adventure and make lasting memories. Go zip-lining across the rain-forest, snorkel at the colorful coral reefs, dive from a cliff, cruise around the coast and enjoy your tropical vacation to the fullest.

Pack Adventure

Now that we’ve given you the 10 Things You Must Pack On Your Caribbean Trip, book, pack and we’ll see you there!

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